Jason Blum


Founder and CEO, Blumhouse Productions (Paranormal Activity franchise, Insidious)

Jason Blum is the founder and CEO of Blumhouse Productions, a multi-media production company that has pioneered a new model of studio filmmaking- producing high-quality micro-budget films for wide release. Since its launch in 2000, Blumhouse has produced more than 30 feature films including some of the most profitable movies of all time. Blumhouse is a director driven company that helps filmmakers like Scott Derrickson and James Wan tell genre stories that they are passionate about.

Since announcing a first-look deal with Universal Pictures, Blumhouse has wrapped production on The Purge with Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes; Not Safe For Work, directed by Joe Johnston; and Mockingbird, directed by Bryan Bertino.

Last year, Blumhouse produced highly-profitable movies like James Wan’s Insidious which had a budget of $1.5m and grossed close to $100m worldwide and Paranormal Activity 3, which had a budget of $5m and grossed over $200m worldwide. Premiering on October 12th is Sinister, directed and co-written by Scott Derrickson and starring Ethan Hawke for Lionsgate/Summit and on October 19th, Paranormal Activity 4 for Paramount Pictures.

Blum’s first production following the high-quality micro-budget model was the original Paranormal Activity, which was made for $15,000 and grossed close to $200 million worldwide, making it the most profitable film in the history of Hollywood. The sequel Paranormal Activity 2, grossed close to $170 million worldwide, setting additional box-office records.